Castlevania (Netflix) Season 1 Review

ReviewBefore the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I had zero interest in the Castlevania franchise. I had never played any of the games, nor had any intention of watching the Netflix show despite positive reviews.

However, in the latest Super Smash Bros game I have grown a bit of attachment to the series. Due to their move set, Simon and Richter Belmont have become my mains in the game (I love throwing the axe). Then on top of that, the music is truly fantastic. Some of my favourite tracks in the game come from Castlevania.

So with this new-found love for Castlevania, I decided to finally check out the Netflix original series. And now with season 1 fully watched, this is what I think about it so far.


Season 1 of Castlevania lasts for only four episodes and very much acts as a set up for future seasons. And for what it is aiming to do, it does it brilliantly. We get solid introductions to all our main characters and we learn what their goals are.

The small bit of story we get in this first season revolves around Trevor Belmont saving a town under the threat of Dracula’s army. It’s an entertaining plot and provides a great platform to introduce us to the characters. Speaking of which…


Castlevania follows the protagonist Trevor Belmont, a whip wielding killer of vampires who likes to have a drink. I found Trevor to be an entertaining protagonist that I am excited to see grow as a character.

Two other protagonists are Sypha Belnades (a speaker who has magic abilities) and Alucard (the hate bearing son of Dracula). While Sypha is an interesting character I want to see more of, Alucard is definitely the one I am more interested in. The relationships he has with both his father and Trevor will certainly make for a lot of drama and I can’t wait to see it.

Speaking of his father, Dracula is the last of the four main characters and he is the main antagonist of the series. In the first episode, we see the reasons for Dracula’s actions and it provides for a complex villain that I want to see more of.


Some other, smaller, things I want to mention is action, music and art. I felt all the action scenes were really entertaining. I particularly loved whenever Trevor used his whip. In terms of music, nothing really stood out to me, which is both good and bad I suppose. None of it was bad, however there wasn’t anything that was notably great. Finally, to end on a high I am going to say that all the art is really great. It’s not the most unique art style, however it looks great throughout.


So overall, I found season 1 of Castlevania to be a great foundation for future seasons that I can’t wait to watch because of all the strong characters and interesting plot lines it sets up. Therefore my judgement is:


In fact, I think I’ll go watch season two right now. Castlevania season two review coming soon. But for now…

That’s it.


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