My most anticipated 2019 games

ListWe’re at the start of 2019, meaning we have a whole year of games ahead of us. Personally, there are a ton of games I am excited for coming out in this year and I thought I would share them all with you. So let’s get to the list of my most anticipated 2019 games.

Kingdom Hearts 3

As a huge Disney fan, the Kingdom Hearts series has always appealed to me. In fact, Kingdom Hearts 2 was actually the first game I ever played (I had no idea what was going on). Now after a long long long long long long long long wait, Kingdom Hearts 3 id finally releasing at the end of January and I am so ready for it. I can’t wait.

Animal Crossing

Despite being a massive Nintendo fan, I have only played one Animal Crossing game and that was the mobile title: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Despite the game not maintaining my interest after two weeks, I enjoyed my time the title and it has convinced me to try a mainline title. So with one releasing for the Switch this year, I am excited to finally play an Animal Crossing game.

Doom Eternal

I tried out the Doom reboot when it was ported to the Switch and I absolutely loved it. Playing in handheld mode with headphones on was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a video game and I can’t wait to do the same when the sequel releases.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

As a massive fan of Marvel, I am excited for anything they release. So when that mixes with my love for Nintendo, my excitement goes through the roof. I can’t wait to get my hands on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 in 2019.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

The only Fire Emblem title I have played previously is Awakening and I loved it. So with Fire Emblem Three Houses releasing for the Switch in 2019, I am excited to play another entry in the series.

Pokemon Generation 8

As a lifelong Pokemon fan, I have wondered for years what a mainline Pokemon game would look like on a console. Now in 2019, we are finally getting that and I couldn’t be any more excited.

That’s it.

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